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Dmitri Torner was elected the President of the Winter Sports Association of the Republic of Moldova

Back in February this year, athletes and sports activists invited Dmitry Torner not only to join the Winter Sports Association, but also to lead it. 

At the conference, the participants elected Dmitri Torner as President of the Winter Sports Association of the Republic of Moldova. As participants of the Association note in their letter, the decision to elect a new leader was conditioned by a number of factors. « We point out the serious progress that Moldovan biathlon has been showing for the last three years. We follow the successes of our biathletes, who have won gold and silver medals at the championships over the last 2-3 years in Europe and they performed well at the Winter Olympics and the IBU World Cup. Undoubtedly, we are linking this primarily with the activities of the Biathlon Federation. That is why we offered Mr. Torner to head the Winter Sports Association. We are united by the intention to give a fresh impetus to the development of both skiing and luge in our country.  We believe that Dimitri Torner will be able to revive winter sports in Moldova, to boost the development of skiing and luge in Moldova, to develop sports cooperation projects at different levels, to contribute to the popularization of sports and to the training of Moldovan athletes.” 

For his part, Dmitri Torner said that winter sports in Moldova can be significantly scaled up within the Association:

"I would like to thank the participants of the Association for their support and, at the same time, I realize my responsibility towards. We have already discussed the need to build a winter sports complex in Moldova. I am convinced that we will be able to attract investors for implementation this project in the coming years. 

The project is ambitious, but everyone wins - in the sports promotion and popularization, raising healthy generation, growing eventual tourism and development of the infrastructure. At the same time, the next generation of Moldovan athletes - biathletes, skiers, etc. - is necessary to be prepared now, - Torner is confident. 

The President of the FBRM informed about his initiative NEXTGEN - the creation of a new generation of biathletes of the country - realized with the support of the International Biathlon Union (IBU). 

He also reported that the Moldovan Biathlon Federation has set up four free biathlon sections for children, which are already successfully operating. In the coming days, another section will lunch in the well-known lyceum in Chisinau. 

FBRM plans to hold a summer biathlon competition for children of 6-7 classes by the end of the school year.

For information:

Dmitri Torner is a business consultant of a number of European companies- became the head of the Biathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova in 2021. Since then, the national team has significantly improved its results, winning gold at the European Biathlon Championships in 2022 and two silvers in 2022 and this year.  During these years, the Moldovan national team has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 in the World Championships and has high positions in the international ranking of teams. The efforts of individual athletes have been recognized at the state level - in 2022, Moldovan President Maia Sandu awarded the leader of the biathlon team Alina Stremous with the "Meritul Civic" Medal.


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