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The Moldovan diaspora came to Anțolț to support the biathletes: how it was done

A record number of fans came to support the biathletes from the Republic of Moldova at the 6th stage of the IBU World Cup in Antholz-Anterselva, Italy. Over 50 people - with their families and children - from different regions of Italy and even from France, last weekend, responded to the call of the Biathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova. The idea of gathering the Moldovan diaspora in Italy in the stands of the World Cup competitions belongs to the president of the Biathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova, Dimitrii Torner. This initiative was also supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Italy and the Consulate General of the Republic of Moldova in Padua. The announcement was placed on the embassy's social networks, and representatives of the embassy and consulate even came to the competitions in person.

"I am convinced that sport does no less for the integration of Moldova in Europe than the politicians! Moldova - is part of Europe. And here, now I feel it in a special way", Dimitrii Torner declared during the competitions. - I am grateful to our fans for answering our call - to support Moldova, Moldovans came from France, from different cities in Italy, and came and a large delegation from our embassy and consulate. The flags of the Republic of Moldova for the first time not only on the stands of the stadium, but also on the entire competition route! We are all - one European biathlon family and these days, among the thirty of countries, we made the Republic of Moldova visible!".

«It is the first time that we personally participate in such an event and we are certainly happy to support such initiatives! There is a large Moldovan diaspora in Italy and the opportunity to support our athletes unites us all!" - stated Maxim Arghir, the Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Padua. Also, Alexandru Simionov, the counselor of the Embassy in Italy, continued to express his support for such events.

Among the supporters who came to support the Moldovan biathletes was the former General Secretary of the Biathlon Federation (2010-2012), Stanislav Karpineanu, who has been living in Italy for several years and came to Antholz-Antersevalva with his wife and Two children.

«We always try, if possible, to come to the competitions in which our biathletes participate. I maintain friendly relations with the Biathlon Federation and I am very happy that the Federation has reached a new level. It is a special job, which is important for Moldova", declared Stanislav Karpineanu.

The delegation of Moldovan fans included former athletes and coaches, their friends and families. For example, former biathletes came - Anastasia Niciporenko and former biathlete Ilie Oloeru, who was also the coach of the world biathlon star Marten Forcada.

The spirit and emotions of patriotism, unity, pride for the Republic of Moldova and the joy of representing it around thousands of fans from all over the world were celebrated by all those who came to support the Moldovan biathletes at the 6th stage of the IBU World Cup in Antholz-Anterselva. Traditionally, this is one of the most beautiful and spectacular stages.

Thanks to this support, the national biathlon team achieved an honorable result at the Antholz-Anterselva World Cup in northern Italy. On the third day of the competition, the team formed by Alina Stremous and Maxim Makarov was only 15 seconds behind the Top 10 in the single mixed relay event. Stremous and Makarov finished 11th, ahead of the best biathlon teams in the world, such as the Czech Republic and Sweden.

And after the competition, the fans congratulated our athletes at a festive evening organized by the Biathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova.

Now, the national biathlon team has left for Slovakia, where the European Championship will be held from January 24-28.


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