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The initiative of Dmitri Torner, the "NEXTGEN" project was launched for future biathletes

An open training session for children interested in biathlon was held on February 10, 2024 in Criuleni, with the National Federation presenting a new training project for future "NEXTGEN" champions. Thanks to laser weapons and moving targets provided by the International Biathlon Union (IBU), the event took on an exciting and adventurous form for more than 50 children from the Criuleni district.

In addition, the children were shown a film about the performances of biathletes from the Republic of Moldova. The biathlon federation rightly believes that the disciples in the field can be inspired by following the example of the juniors from the Republic of Moldova - participants in the Winter Olympic Games for youth.

"The children's first familiarization with biathlon, with the achievements of real performers, as well as the opportunity to train with professional equipment - is the main objective related to the education of the new generation of biathletes from the Republic of Moldova. I see how their eyes shine, how inspired they are! We believe that if we succeed in getting them excited about this kind of sport, we will form a "biathlon reserve" for participation in the 2028 Youth Olympic Games. We are sure that they have every chance to participate in major international competitions and glorify the Republic of Moldova", said the President of the Biathlon Federation, Dmitri Torner.

We propose the following goals: Organization of open trainings, creation of free sections, meetings with Moldovan biathletes in different districts of the republic. An important direction drawn by "NEXTGEN" is the training of biathlon coaches.

The Criuleni district was identified as a pilot base for this project, primarily due to the fact that the coach and director of the sports school here is a biathlete from the Republic of Moldova, participant in two Olympics, multiple medalist at international competitions, master of sports Alexandra Camenşcic. She is also the coach of the first biathlon section for the participants of the "NEXTGEN" project, which will operate every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., free of charge, at the UNIT Youth Center in Criuleni.

We present to you some impressions of the first participants of the "NEXTGEN" project: "I liked it a lot, I will train so that I can access the Youth Olympic Games", said Sorin Rubanov.

Valeria Mafteuță also dreams of becoming a sportswoman: "I want to win all the medals and cups!". And Mihai Chiriță set his goal "to train to shoot well and not miss". Sanda, 11 years old, for the first time held a sporting gun in his hand and had positive performance emotions.

The parents are also satisfied with the children's new passion: "For Emilian it is a good motivation, I hope he will have notable achievements. It's a new trial in Criuleni, so it's interesting for both children and parents", noted Alina Racu.

"I'm from Criuleni and I really want to form a team of new biathletes here in the next 4 years, and to include children who are here today in the national team for the Winter Youth Olympic Games. I am glad that the Federation initiates many projects. It is a great support for the athletes", said Alexandra Camenşcic, biathlete from Moldova.

The President of the National Biathlon Federation, Dmitri Torner, believes that Moldova has all the possibilities to develop other winter sports - skiing and sledding. He does not rule out that the "NEXTGEN" project can be expanded to create future champions in these sports disciplines as well.

The biathlon federation announces that it is available for cooperation with the authorities, parental committees and physical education teachers in order to implement the project at educational and sports institutions throughout the country.

The goal of the "NEXTGEN" project is to popularize biathlon, "TornerSportsInitiative" constituting a series of initiatives of the president of the Biathlon Federation of Moldova, Dmitri Torner. Another objective is the preparation of the "reserve of biathletes" for participation in the 2028 Youth Olympic Games, with the focus being on the discovery of young talents. Learn more about the project by visiting the website:

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